Estate pipe is the designated nomenclature to describe pipes which have been ‘pre-loved’ and are looking for another home; understandably, putting the phrase ‘second hand’ in front of pipe does not evoke the most pleasant imagery. 

When I was first introduced to the concept of a used pipe, I was horrified: why would anyone want to use a pipe which had been smoked for years by someone else. Especially amongst the far more hygienically aware demographic contemporary society, this may seem absurd. However, estate pipes have many benefits, and one should seriously consider them before simply waving away the idea.

In the interests of ensuring that any of the following points seem valid, let us commence in saying this: estate pipes are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before being sold. Whilst the idea seems daunting, smoking an estate pipe is akin to using a knife and fork at a restaurant…

Firstly, estate pipes are already broken in. This is the most utilitarian of their benefits, however it is still a valid one: for the smoker who wishes to move on from a corn cob to their first briar pipe, the breaking in process can be nerve wracking and time consuming. The eagerness to smoke a bowl often gets the better of most: corners are cut, pipes are burnt, hearts are broken and wallets are left traumatised at the sight of a brand new and costly briar being rendered unsmokeable. Estate pipes make for perfect transitionary pipes for such instances. 

Furthermore, the many years of smoking which the pipe has already endured serve to improve its smoking qualities, affording the beginner the best possible experience. For the seasoned pipe smoker, an estate briar is the perfect hunting, fishing, camping, off-roading and work companion, because let us be honest, nobody wants to see their brand new artisan-made briar reduced to a pipe themed jigsaw puzzle. 

Estate pipes are also far less pricy than brand new offerings. Whilst this may not seem critical when browsing through catalogues of factory made pipes, I believe that perusing an artisan pipe maker’s website will quickly change your mind! The estate pipe market makes artisan and vintage pipes far more financially accessible. In fact, the accessibility is increased beyond the financial consideration, as many pipe designs are no longer available or being manufactured, and can only be purchased as estate offerings.

Consider the estate pipe market when you are looking for your next briar; of course, given these turbulent times, it is even more important that you do some research into the vendor before making a purchase. Ensure that the website or store is indeed reputable, as this will decrease the chances of receiving a pipe which has either not been cleaned and sanitised adequately, or which is defective. 

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